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Auntie M's Corner

Looking for An Easy and Delicious Way to Add More Fiber to Your Diet?

Posted by Magalie J. Lawrence on 27th Jul 2017

Whether you have multiple food allergies or none at all, we can all benefit from more fiber in our diet without resorting to the bland tasting fiber supplements of our pharmacy shelves. Even during … read more
Guests with Food Allergies

Guests with Food Allergies

Posted by Magalie J. Lawrence on 21st Nov 2015

Don’t Let Food Allergies Separate You from Those You Love This Holiday Season With all its opportunities for gathering with family and friends around the table, the holiday season can present … read more

What Do the Gluten-Free Claims on Your Food Labels Mean?

Posted by Magalie J. Lawrence on 17th Apr 2015

Do you wonder what gluten-free, wheat-free, and other claims on your food labels really mean? Is there a difference between food labeled "gluten-free" or "GF" and food labeled "Certified Gluten-Free"? … read more

New Website Launch!

Posted by Magalie on 11th Mar 2015

Welcome to your Aunt Mildred's!Thanks for joining us on our launch. Let's face it, it's difficult to cook every single meal from scratch. I have done it for years and know how difficult it is. A … read more