Birthday Gift Baskets

Looking for a gluten free birthday gift basket or an allergy friendly food gift to deliver to someone?  You order a gluten free birthday gift basket from Aunt Mildred’s, of course! With just a few clicks, you can send a gluten-free or allergy friendly treat for someone to enjoy anytime.

Our custom birthday gift baskets are every bit as mouthwatering as non-gluten free gift baskets, but with healthy and gluten-free foods that are either ready to eat or quick to fix. We offer the best gluten free birthday gift baskets for men or for college students -- because who says convenient food can’t be healthy? Choose a Mac and Cheese Gift Basket or a Large Gourmet Snack Gift Basket for the birthday guy or your favorite college student, or a  for someone who could use some (not so) guilty pleasures on their birthday. It’s all delicious and gluten free! For someone with multiple allergies, you have a range of choices to treat your loved one.

We also offer birthday gift baskets that contain everything you need to make a delicious and nutritious gluten free breakfast, or a dinner of gourmet soup. For the best in gluten free birthday gift basket delivery, place your order with Aunt Mildred’s today!